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Visa Application Process and Services Provided

The following information is relevant to starting the visa application for your fiancee or wife when you are not in Thailand. Minimal processes vary if you are in Thailand when the process is initiated.

Step One
You will provide us with your fiancee or wife’s name and phone number. One of the paralegals (Thai ladies) in our office will phone her, provide her with information about the application process, and informed her that our firm will be representing her for her visa application. We will make an appointment to meet with her and start her visa application. When the appointment has been set we will send you an e-mail telling you the date and time of the appointment. Attached to that e-mail will be a questionnaire for you to complete and return prior to your fiancee or wife’s appointment. We will also ask you to scan and e-mail documents to us. For example: your birth certificate, passport, or certificate of naturalization, final decree of divorce.

Step Two
When your fiancee or wife arrives at our office she will meet with the president of our firm and one of the paralegals (Thai ladies) on our staff. We will explain the process to her again and inform her in detail of the many things we will be handling on her behalf. This is a gentle process designed to re-assure her that she will be receiving personal, compassionate, and competent care. Our philosophy: we take care of your fiancee or wife as you would if you were able to be with her in Thailand thru this process and having our knowledge and experience.

Step Three
While at our office we will gather information and documents from your fiancee or wife, and take her to the photo studio to obtain the 2”x 2” passport style photos required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of State. We will construct the USCIS visa application package with your combined information, documentation and certified translations. Your fiancee or wife will sign the visa petition. The visa petition will be sent to you via DHL or Fedex for your signatures. The completed visa petition is then submitted to the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

During these initial stages of visa petition preparation we will inform you and your fiancee or wife (in writing) about the document requirements for the remainder of the process, including but not limited to the evidence of your relationship that must be presented to the Embassy at the time of the interview.

Step Four
We submit an e-notification supplement with the visa application package. This submission enables USCIS to communicate with you via e-mail. The first notification will be to inform you they have received the visa petition. By mail, USCIS will provide a hardcopy I-797C Receipt Notice. Both will contain a receipt number assigned to your visa petition. By accessing the website and entering your receipt number you can monitor the progress of your visa petition. You can also sign up for automatic case status updates via the website and receive additional e-notifications.

Step Five
When USCIS approves the visa petition it will be transferred to and forwarded to the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The NVC will assign your visa petition a case number and forward it to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Step Six
After the NVC has assigned a case number to your visa petition and it has been forwarded to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, our firm will make an appointment with your fiancee or wife to take her to Bumrungrad Hospital for her medical exam. ( The U.S. Embassy certifies only 2 hospitals in Bangkok, and only 7 doctors at Bumrungrad to perform the exams. We feel Bumrungrad is the best hospital to care for your fiancee or wife. One of the 7 Embassy certified physicians is the personal physician of the president of our firm. We select this doctor for your fiancee or wife’s medical exam because we know the quality of care will be excellent and the president of our firm can easily communicate with the doctor should your fiancee or wife’s medical exam results require special attention. The president of our firm also has a very good relationship with the lung specialist due to the many times he has been involved with the care of our clients who have tested positive for TB. Your fiancee or wife may receive any or all of the following vaccines: Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus and Diptheria Toxoids, Influenza Type B, Hepatitis B, Varicella, Pneumococcal, Acellular Pertussis, Hepatitis A, Influenza, Meningococcal, Rotovirus. Blood will be drawn to test for Syphilis, and a chest x-ray will check for TB.

Our staff personally accompanies our clients and guides our clients through each step of the medical exam. In addition our staff closely monitors our clients for possible negative reactions to receiving vaccines, and blood drawing. It is the function of our staff to comfort, accompany and reassure our clients during the exam.

Step Seven
When the medical exam is completed your fiancee or wife is invited back to our office to begin preparation for the Embassy interview. This is purposely done at this time for two reasons: first, many of our clients are traveling into Bangkok for the medical exam and we would like to combine tasks to limit the number of trips they need to make to Bangkok. Second, it allows us additional time to monitor your fiancee or wife for possible negative reactions from receiving vaccines. None of our clients has ever had an extreme negative reaction to the vaccines, but that doesn’t mean that we should be any less cautious. We care for each of our clients like they were our only client. Approximately 25% of our clients experience a loss of energy, 5% will have a slight fever.

At this initial preparation for the Embassy interview your fiancee or wife will be presented with a list of questions that could potentially be asked at her interview. This list is of course provided in the Thai language, and is also available in the English language. There is a blank space next to each question where your fiancee or wife will be asked to write her answer. Our staff will review and discuss each of the answers and your fiancee or wife will take the questionnaire home to study. Two additional interview preparation sessions will be described below.

Step Eight
Our staff submits your fiancee or wife’s application for a criminal background check to the Thailand National Police Headquarters in Bangkok. Normally, all applicants for a criminal background check are required to appear in person at the National Police Headquarters and wait 3 weeks to be provided with the results. Our process eliminates the requirement for your fiancee to appear and produces the result in 7 days.

Step Nine
Upon receipt of the criminal background check, we submit a package of forms and documents to the U.S. Embassy in a submission know as a Notification of Applicant Readiness. This filing of forms, documents and checklist certifies the applicant’s readiness for the final step in the process, the Embassy interview. Upon receipt of the Notification of Applicant Readiness and review of the forms and documents submitted, the Embassy will assign the interview date and notify our office of the date and time of the scheduled interview appointment.

Step Ten
Your fiancee or wife will meet with our office manager in final preparation for the Embassy interview. The office manager will prepare the final details of all documentation that will be provided to the Embassy on the day of the interview, and review all questions your fiancee or wife will be asked at the interview and her answers to same.

Step Eleven
Your fiancee or wife will meet with the president of our firm in final preparation for the Embassy interview. All consular officers at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok are U.S. citizens and your fiancee or wife will be rehearsed in a mock session with the U.S. citizen president of our firm. The Embassy consular officers ask standard interview questions of all applicants, but thorough preparation doesn’t stop there. Each application, each person, each couple are unique. Your fiancee or wife will be prepared based on a number of factors unique to her, you and your relationship. The president of our firm will work with your fiancee or wife until she is ready and it can be assured that she will pass the interview. There is no time limitation on this process.

Step Twelve
Your fiancee or wife attends the interview. No one else is allowed to attend the interview. This includes you the visa petitioner and sponsor. Interviews typically last 5-10 minutes and the applicant is asked between 5-15 questions. Longer interviews apply when an application or applicant have not been properly prepared. Your fiancee or wife will be informed at her interview that the visa has been approved. The Embassy will issue the visa and it will arrive at your fiancee or wife’s home address within 5-7 days via the Thailand Postal System.

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To hire us and get started, send us an e-mail with your fiancee or wife’s mobile phone number, one of the paralegals (Thai ladies) in our office will phone her to provide information about the visa application process, and explain to her in detail the numerous things we will be handling on her behalf.

Your fiancee or wife will be invited to make an appointment with our office to begin the visa application process.

Should you have questions you can call our office toll free, you may e-mail your question or request a call. E-mails are answered promptly, never exceeding 24 hours.

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