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"U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors helped me through difficult visa process ..."

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help my wife get her k-3 visa to come to the United States. You treated us very well and you helped us through a long and difficult process. I remember reading your website and studying all the services you provide to help customers get k 1 visa and k 3 visas. Looking back, I can say that you were truthful and delivered on all of your promises and commitments. You and your staff were very courteous and great to deal with throughout this whole process.

I now understand how difficult it can be to get a visa without having some sort of problem with paperwork or U.S. Immigration. I really believe we all need the help of a service to make sure that everything goes according to plans. Your service was hired because I feared having to unnecessarily wait in Thailand to complete my wife’s paperwork. Because of your efforts, we were only in Bangkok for a couple of days and the rest of the time we were visiting my wife’s family in Uttaradit. Also, my wife really enjoyed talking to your staff in both English and Thai.

Things are going great for us now. My wife and I are having a great time together and are having so much fun in America. I remember wishing that she would be here and now it has come true.

I thank you so much. You really helped me through this difficult process and for that I am truly grateful.

I wish you the best…

"My fiancee and I became engaged 23 December 2004 ..."

To American fiances of Thai women:

My fiancee and I became engaged December 23rd , 04. Her fiancee visa was applied for in January, received in May and we were married in Phoenix on June 1, 05. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and the professional staff at his office handled all of the paper work efficiently and kept me informed throughout the process. He and his staff worked with my wife to obtain and translate all required documents and make certain that all of the many requirements for the k-1 visas were met before her interview at the US consulate.

My wife and I were comfortable and confident during the process and we are grateful for U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s experience and thoroughness.

I have no idea how we could have done this without U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s assistance but I am certain that we would not have been together so quickly without his services. Many thanks to U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and the staff at his office. And our best wishes to you and your fiancee.

Bob & Wang N.
Phoenix. Arizona

"I would recommend U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors for fiancee visa process ..."

To couples in need of visa assistance:

“When I was looking for some help getting a k1 visa or fiancee visa for my wife, I started by searching Google? Many websites popped up so I started contacting each one by e-mail and phone to get an initial impression. After speaking with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors on the phone, I decided to schedule a meeting. After that meeting, I was comfortable retaining U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s services. I was however, initially concerned about the claim that he had a 100% success rate, I do believe it now. The services he provided were just as advertised. He and his staff accompanied my wife to all the places age needed to go and helped her acquire all the requisite documentation to complete our application. When there was a problem with our fiancee visa, U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors followed through and in the end we got a favourable result. I would definitely recommend him to assist you in your fiancee visa process.”

Chad S.

"My experience with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors was excellent. ..."

To whom it may concern:

“After I completed the fiancee visa application documents, an acquaintance provided me with the contact information for U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors who he indicated was an attorney with a great deal of experience in obtaining fiancee visa. As an attorney, I was unsure whether I needed assistance in obtaining a k1 visa or fiancee visa for my fiancee so I forwarded the documents I completed to U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors to see if he had any comments.

As it turns out, he had over two dozen recommended changes and I therefore engaged him to help me obtain the k1 visa or fiancee visa.

My experience with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors was excellent. His services included identifying what documents to include (and not include), preparing the numerous sets of documents for submission throughout the process, walking my fiancee through the various tasks (doctors appointment, police department visit, trips to the embassy), and preparing my fiancee for the interview. While it’s possible that my fiancee may have been able to complete these tasks on her own, I doubt that she would have been to do so quickly, easily, or correctly (at least initially).

Most importantly, U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s expertise significantly reduced the wait time for the k1 fiancee visa and reduced the stress associated with obtaining it. For anyone wishing to obtain a k1 fiancee visa, I highly recommend that you engage U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors both for you and your fiencee ‘s peace of mind.”

Attorney at law
Washington, DC

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