Our Qualifications

100% success rate 5,000+ U.S. Fiancee and marriage visas processed from Thailand

Trust & Confidence – Evidence of our Track Record

Shortest Processing Time

Specializing in US fiancee visa & marriage visas from Thailand

Recognized as the most experienced and knowledgeable with U.S. fiancee visa and marriage visas

All-inclusive Premium Services

Money back guarantee

Bangkok, Thailand office – required location for processing all steps of the visa application

Direct online completion of USCIS forms for faster filing

English and Thai speaking American and Thai personnel

Free Bangkok transport for all visa requirements.

Money Back Guarantee

When you hire a firm to obtain a visa that enables you to be with the person you love, the last thing you are thinking about is failure and getting your money back. However, for most people a money back guarantee says the following:

  1. The firm has enough confidence in their abilities to offer a money back guarantee. This in turn gives a client confidence in the firm’s ability to deliver the clients expectation, and what the client has paid for.
  2. The client understands that the firm has [almost] as much to loose as the client should they fail to obtain the visa.

Our clients don’t want their money back. They want the visa to be issued. We have never refunded a clients money. We deliver on our promises, and we don’t make promises that we can’t keep. We also firmly believe in the concept of under promising and over delivering, as opposed to over promising and under delivering.

If your visa is denied as a result of a failure on our part, we will fully refund your money. 

Start Today – USA Visa

To hire us and get started, send us an e-mail with your fiancee or wife’s mobile phone number, one of the paralegals (Thai ladies) in our office will phone her to provide information about the visa application process, and explain to her in detail the numerous things we will be handling on her behalf.

Your fiancee or wife will be invited to make an appointment with our office to begin the visa application process.

Should you have questions you can call our office toll free, you may e-mail your question or request a call. E-mails are answered promptly, never exceeding 24 hours.

Office Map

Our Office Address:

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors
85 Nonsi Road – Soi 8,
Yannawa, Bangkok 10120,
Tel: (662) 681-0015

Email: [email protected]

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