USCIS Forms For Faster Filing

Direct online completion of USCIS forms for faster filing

Our systems are designed for efficiency and speed. For example: when we meet with your fiancee or spouse in our Bangkok office we will complete the initial visa petition within 2-3 hours.  

Compare this to a U.S. based immigration lawyer who will require your fiancee or spouse to provide all of her information and documents translated to the English language. He will send her an email with an English questionnaire that she must complete in English. He will also provide a list of documents she will need to provide. The document list will be written in English and she must translate all of her documents to English and send them by mail or scan and email. This process will not take 2-3 hours. Days or weeks is realistic.

We use United States Citizenship & Immigration Services online forms. We also use Department of State online forms for completion and submission. All submissions are efficient and expedient. No software or submission system is more efficient. Our submissions and filings are direct.