CAUTION : Low Cost Visa Agents = Visa DENIED!

We are aware that some people consider hiring a low price visa agency based in the United States. Please be informed that we have taken over countless visa applications that have been started by U.S. based agencies.

Low price visa agents like rapid visa can only perform 10% of the work that is needed to competently process a fiance’ or spousal visa. The entire extent of their work entails entering the information you provide them onto one form, creating one letter of intent and providing you with an explanation of what YOU need to do next. Their automated system misses the important details used by the Consular Officer to approve or deny visa applications. Your fiancé / spouse visa application will be approved or denied at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok.

People are always dissatisfied with low priced U.S. based visa agencies, but attracted to the low initial cost. The low cost should serve as a warning that these agencies don’t have the ability to successfully navigate all of the complexities of an immigrant visa application, even though they may lead you to believe otherwise. When a low price visa agent has no positive attributes, their sole selling feature can only be a low price.

You can’t deny your awareness that U.S. immigration is currently a hot button issue and a subject that is in the news on a daily basis. The Trump administration has put in place many new and strict protocols that have resulted in your need for professional expertise.

U.S Immigration Legal Advisors – vs. – U.S. based Visa Agents / Immigration Lawyer

We can:

  1. Speak, read, and write the Thai language.
  2. Correctly identify Thai language documents.
  3. Review Thai language documents for accuracy.
  4. Translate Thai language documents to English.
  5. Certify the translations – official certifications are required by USCIS & DOS
  6. Speak with your fiancé(e) / spouse in her/his native language.
  7. Meet with your fiancé(e) / spouse in person.
  8. Obtain the criminal background check for your fiancé(e) / spouse.
  9. Escort and guide your fiancé(e) / spouse through the medical exam.
  10. Meet with your fiancé(e) / spouse in person to prepare for the Embassy interview.
  11. Speak with your fiancé(e) / spouse on the phone in the Thailand time zone.
  12. Due to our close relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok we are intimately familiar with: policies, protocols, common practices, personnel, and even idiosyncrasies enabling our ability to care for your fiancé(e) / spouse like no one else can.

U.S. based Immigration Lawyers and Visa Agents 

Can not:

  1. All of the above


* It’s not about filling out a few forms *

If you deceive yourself into thinking that you only need to fill out a few forms and send in a few documents, your visa application is going to be denied.

Your fiancé / spouse, a citizen of a foreign country, is asking the U.S. government permission to permanently immigrate to the United States with the potential of becoming an U.S. citizen in three years. This is not a small request.

Here is the only question you need to ask yourself: Is getting my fiancé(e) / spouse to America important to me?

Most of our clients respond that it’s the most important thing in their life.

We have processed thousands of U.S. immigrant visa applications and none of our client’s has ever been denied. This is because we pre-qualify our clients and perform on your behalf with a very high level of expertise. When you hire our firm the issuance of the visa is guaranteed.

So, are you willing to risk your future, and the future of the person you love to save a thousand dollars? Or do you think you might spend less money on some of your hobbies / entertainment for a few months so you can be assured a better life?

Learn More:

Embassy Interview

The U.S. Embassy decides if the visa will be approved or denied.

The Embassy Consular Officer who conducts the interview has the sole authority to issue the visa.

The Embassy interview is the most critical step in the process. Your fiancé(e)/spouse must be prepared by an expert who has extensive [hands on] experience with Embassy interviews. Visa agents who only fill out forms do not provide support for the most critical step in the process, nor do they possess the knowledge and experience to successfully guide you through this critical step.

Start Today – USA Visa

To hire us and get started, ,send us an e-mail

with your fiancee or wife’s mobile phone number, one of the paralegals (Thai ladies) in our office will phone her to provide information about the visa application process, and explain to her in detail the numerous things we will be handling on her behalf.

Your fiancee or wife will be invited to make an appointment with our office to begin the visa application process.

Should you have questions you can call our office toll free, you may e-mail

your question or request a call. E-mails are answered promptly, never exceeding 24 hours.

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