Local Office in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand office – required location for processing all steps of the visa application

A U.S. immigrant visa, fiancee or marriage visa for a Thai person is approved or denied by and is issued by the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Section Immigrant Visa (IV Unit) in Bangkok, Thailand 

The initial visa petition is submitted, processed and approved, or denied or classified RFE, by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) at a USCIS Service Center and is received at the USCIS Texas Service Center. One can not call or appear at a USCIS Service Center. Communication with a USCISServiceCenter is through the mail.

Starting a visa application: to prepare and create the initial visa petition that will be submitted to USCIS, your fiancee or spouse will meet in person with a multi-lingual Thai/English speaking paralegal at our Bangkok office. Where information and documentation is gathered. A U.S. immigration lawyer will prepare the initial visa petition consisting of completed USCIS forms, supporting documentation, and certified translations. The visa application is signed by your fiancee or spouse. This process is completed with your fiancee or spouse at our Bangkok office in a 2-3 hour period of time. The application is sent to you in the United States for your signatures via FedEx. If you are in Thailand you can join your fiancee/spouse at our Bangkok office.

The visa application will then quietly process at a USCIS Service Center until approval.

It is then forwarded to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok where we complete the remaining, and most important steps in the visa application process.

For example:

  1. We will take your fiancee or spouse to one of the two Embassy approved hospitals for the medical examination.
  2. We will obtain a criminal background check at the National Police Headquarters located in Bangkok.
  3. We will prepare your fiancee or spouse for the Embassy interview that takes place at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok,
  4. Passport Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc………
  5. We will submit a notification of applicant readiness to the U.S. Embassy…………etc………….

It is a FACT that a U.S. based immigration lawyer who can not speak, read, or write the Thai language is completely useless to your Thai fiancee or spouse.

Only a Bangkok based U.S. immigration law firm with American and Thai staff is capable of competently caring for your fiancee or spouse. Only our Bangkok based U.S. immigration law firm can realistically assure the issuance of the visa.

We have been serving clients in Bangkok for 2 decades. The last 13 years in the same location.