Escorted Transport For Your Fiancee Or Spouse

We take our clients to the places they need to go that are part of the visa application process. We provide the transportation and we personally accompany our clients. In addition, we accommodate any reasonable request of our clients in order to make them feel comfortable and safe.

Some the places our clients are required to appear in order to complete the requirements of the visa application processes are:

1. U.S. Embassy in Bangkok

2. Embassy approved hospital for medical exam

3. National Police Headquarters for criminal background check, A.K.A. police report, certificate of good conduct

4. Photo studio for passport photos attached to the visa application and submitted to the Embassy online

5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

6. Passport Control Office

7. District Office (Amphur)

8. Krungsri Bank for the payment of the Embassy interview fee


(Our staff can appear at some of the locations listed above on our clients behalf)