English & Thai Speaking American & Thai Personnel

Let’s imagine that you didn’t hire our firm. Let’s imagine you hired a U.S. based immigration lawyer or law firm who doesn’t speak, read, or write the Thai language. Would communication with your fiancée or spouse be ideal? Would it be good? Would it be bad? Or, would it be non-existent!!

While your Thai fiancee or spouse may speak, read, and write some English, it may not be good enough to communicate with non-Thai speaking lawyers or paralegals who would process her visa application.

How will the U.S. based non-Thai speaking law firm obtain the necessary information from your fiancee or spouse. The answer is that everything must be communicated in the English language. Do you think your Thai fiancee or spouse will be comfortable with this? Do you think she will appreciate this kind of help with her visa application?

Keeping in mind that your fiancee or spouse is the visa applicant, who do you think she would prefer to represent her to process her visa application? A U.S. based non-Thai speaking lawyer and paralegal who she will never meet? Or A Bangkok based Thai and English speaking lawyer and paralegal who will meet with her in person, personally accompany her, and answer all of her questions and allay her fears by speaking to her in her native language.

How would a, non-Thai speaking, U.S. based lawyer or paralegal prepare your fiancee or spouse for the critically important Embassy interview?

We speak, read and write Thai and English. We translate and certify all translations.

We interact with and care for your fiancee/spouse in person and communicate with her in her native language. Cow jai, mai, krap?