100% Success Rate for Visa Services

4,000+ Visas Obtained  –  100% Success rate

We have obtained more than 4,000 US fiancee and marriage visas for our clients. Each and every visa application we have processed has been approved, and visas have been issued to each and every one of our clients.

We have not only obtained more US fiancee and marriage visas, from Thailand, than any other firm, more US fiancee and marriage visas have been issued to our clients by the US Embassy in Bangkok than have been issued to the clients of all other firms combined.  Our track record is unrivaled.               

Our 100% success rate is the result of:

  1. Our client pre-qualification processes, and
  2. An expertise that has been attained via extensive experience.

We predetermine the outcome of every visa application. We determine in advance if the visa will be issued by prequalifying our clients.

First, we determine if there are any factors that disqualify a potential visa applicant. Second, we determine if we can take steps to qualify the potential applicant when disqualifying factors exist. In other words, if we can eliminate the conditions that cause the disqualification, thereby pre-qualifying the potential visa applicant.

If disqualifying factors exist and conditions can not be modified to eliminate the disqualification we will inform the potential client of his/her ineligibility and decline participation.

If we determine that we can take steps to eliminate the disqualifying conditions we will proceed and guarantee the issuance of the visa.

In almost all cases, our expertise enables us to qualify potential clients who don’t otherwise qualify. We don’t accept clients who we can’t qualify. This is part of the simple formula that enables a 100% success rate.